2016 BlackTop Nationals | About
While traveling from Kansas to Denver, Colorado, and still more than eight hours of road time ahead of them, a couple of guys began sharing thoughts and ideas about bringing a National Car and Motorcycle Event to their hometown of Wichita, Kansas. The more they talked, the more they realized that this shared vision could become a reality. All agreed that it could not be a typical car show, and that it must be a “complete experience” with assorted events and activities scattered over an action-packed four days. The goal was to create an event that was not only family-friendly and that would appeal to people of all ages, but one that would give back to Local and National Charities.

With this concept firmly rooted in BlackTop Nationals’ Mission Statement, City Council Member Jeff Longwell and Mayor Carl Brewer have been instrumental in the event’s success. We are amazed at how quickly word has spread, and how quickly BlackTop Nationals has transformed into one of the Nation’s Premier Events. BlackTop Nationals has flourished with their assistance, backing from the City of Wichita, and the support of the other Council Members.